Bandy is perhaps the fastest team sport in the world and has many similarities with football – but with major differences:
Bandy is played on ice (like ice hockey. Actually, bandy is the forefather of ice hockey), with a ball (in tennis-size, but with much harder texture) and a stick. The game is played on a football-sized field, with eleven players against eachother, just like in football.

Hammarby is a classic sports club in Sweden, with the heritage of having the best fans in Sweden. Hammarby plays in the top division of bandy and have won the championship two times (2010, 2013) and the league at numerous occasions.

Watching bandy live is an old school experience and you will love the atmosphere amongst thousand others on Zinkensdamm Idrottsplats in central Stockholm (Södermalm, subway stop on the redline: Zinkensdamm).

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During the season you will find the schedule and tickets on this site.